Steve Luff

Club captain

Has been a player for a few years now and Club CaptainSteve is also our 3rd team coach and 1st team player. Much to his wife's annoyance seems to spend a lot of time at one swimming pool or another.

Tim Goff

1st team player

Another long term player, who has a tendency to get over excited. Will work hard to the very end. Sometimes forgets that he is playing polo and not a Basketball coach. Is also a talented Water Polo coach, and currently is the Junior coach.

Matt Redmond

1st team player

Matt is our left hander, or so he says. There is a rumour that he is the Ginger ones love child. After being a swimmer for some years he saw sense and started to play polo. 

Lloyd King

1st team player

Lloyd is one of our longest serving players, don't let his looks fool you, he is not as old as he looks. Not as Old as the Ginger one, still plays out on field and gives a lot younger players a run for their money

Neil Tait

1st team player

Bob Coram

1st team goal keeper

Carl Hill

All round player

Brad Harvey

1st team player and kung foo expert


1st team player

Nick Boucher

1st team player

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